starting a business

Now that Built To Optimize is off the ground and running, it's time to reflect on what goals and things I have in mind getting everything going and make it the best I can for my clients. 

I had the idea with some help from family members to create Built To Optimize to help small businesses expand their online presence through various tools and strategies that I use everyday at my family-owned business.  

Having the experience to help expand a small business' presence is an important feature to have in today's online world. Many businesses rely on returning customers, but why stop there. Expanding to have an online presence will help expand your customer-base while also giving you more exposure. 

Too many large online service companies intimidate small businesses with their options of management. With Built To Optimize you will know that you will not be a number, but instead be seen as a living and breathing company with needs and challenges everyday.

With my one-on-one communication and services, you will be able to experience real results without the REALLY big bill at the end of the project. Contact us today and get started to help your business grow.