Many businesses get overwhelmed and confused by what tools are available and worth using when they are using online tools to help increase their customer base through their website. I have put together a few online tools that are simple and easy for businesses to use to help track and expand their online marketing efforts.

Take Advantage of Free Channels


Social Media - Difficulty ★☆☆

The great thing about social media is it is COMPLETELY free to have your accounts set up for your business. They are usually pretty simple to get set up, especially though channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others depending on your audience and type of business.

After you have set up your social media accounts you will have ability to reach out to current and potential customers, depending on your goals in different media outlets like photos, links, videos, coupons, events, and more. Social media will give you the ability to reach more people and create a larger name for yourself online.


Local Listings  - Difficulty ★★☆

Online directories a re a great place for businesses to have their basic information listed for people in the community to find and use. Most online directories like Google Places, YellowBook, & Yelp are easy to sign up for or claim your business on.  

Many of these directories will already have your business listed in their database, so it is easy to find your business listed. Once you have done that you will be able to "claim" your listing as the owner and correct any contact information so that those searching for you can have the right information. 

Measure Your Online Success


Analytics - Difficulty 

Using Google Analytics you will be able to measure the traffic and sources of people coming to your website. Once you have set up your Google Analytics with your website. While you made need some technological help setting us the right measurement tools and codes for your website it will be worth it.

With Google Analytics you will be able to see where your visitors are coming from, how long they are on your site, where they go most often on your site, and how your traffic is growing. This will allow you to measure your marketing campaigns both online and offline. 


Klout - Difficulty  ★★☆

Using multiple social media channels can be difficult to measure together in one place. While each channels usually have their own ways for you to track the number of followers, check-ins, mentions, and more, how can you see what you are doing across all social media. 

That's where Klout comes in. Klout allows you to measure all of your social media channels together in one place and see how far your reach really goes. It is easy to connect your channels to your Klout profile and you will be able to see your growth and success through your Klout ranking. 

No matter what you online marketing goals are, it is always good to take advantage of free tools to increase your reach and also be able to measure your success.