One of the reasons I started Built To Optimize, was to reach out to small to medium sized businesses and show them what they're missing with their online marketing techniques. A large part of that being social media marketing and the importance of it for small businesses. Integrating various social media platforms is important to continue to grow your audience and reach.

From a recent article by +Stephanie Frasco about the 5 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Social Media, I wanted to elaborate on how small business can integrate their social media efforts through everything else they do online.

Before reading the rest of this blog post, I really encourage you to take a look at the article mentioned above if you haven't accepted the importance of social media for your small business. If you already have a Facebook Page, Google+ Local Page, Twitter account, Blog or YouTube Channel set up for your small business, you are many steps ahead and can begin to integrate your networks together.

Use Integrations To Better Manage Your Social Media

As a small business, you are most likely doing your own social media management or having someone in-house do it, which can run you into a problem. Occasionally you may only focus your efforts on one social media platform which can leave your other potential audiences in the dark on other networks.

By integrating your social media, you can reach followers on different networks and introduce them to your other various pages. This can help you grow more of a following on several networks and have a higher probability of reaching them on secondary networks.

Know Your Audience First

Luckily there are several ways you can integrate your different pages together to ensure you are always reaching the right people as often as you can. Before applying all of the following integrations to your social media pages, be sure that you know what audiences you have on each network.

For example, your audience on your Twitter account may be B2B, whereas your Facebook page is more B2C. Therefore that wouldn't make sense to integrate those accounts because the content will be different. Each business model is different so think about your connections on each social account, because all of the following integrations may not applicable.

Don't Sit & Wait...Start to Integrate

YouTube Channel

A great place to continue to expand your reach of your videos would be integrating your Google+ page and YouTube Channel. This will allow your subscribers to comment on your videos and help share your videos with more people. It is a necessity to integrate your Google+ with YouTube but using it to your benefit can help grow your audience on both networks.


Getting a following on Instagram can be easy when you are using hashtags related to your business, but that doesn't always mean the your followers are the right ones. A great place to start is Facebook, considering Instagram is owned by Facebook it is more likely that you Facebook fans are familiar in seeing Instagram posts on their newsfeed. Encourage your Facebook fans to follow you on Instagram for specials or insider sneak peeks.


If you are active on Twitter it is a good idea to have a RSS feed of your tweets on your website. Due to the fast pace newsfeed on Twitter, it will allow your visitors of your website to see what is going on with your current updates. If you are running specials at a regular rate, your customers more like to follow you on Twitter.


If you have an email marketing list it is always a great opportunity to send out a message to your email subscribers reminding them to follow you on your social media pages. If you encourage your customers to follow you for exclusive information or coupons on your pages, it will help them see the value in following you.

Get Started Integrating

Whether you are looking to involve your audience in more contests, giveaways, conversations, or provide them with more specials, integrating your social media is important. Just be sure to know what your audience is like on each network and use your reach to gain more followers on different channels. Cross-promoting your latest posts or videos on different channels is a great way to start.

If you are looking for more details and proven ways to integrate your channels across your social media reach, contact Built To Optimize for a consultation or training session to help get your small business off its social media feet.