Some businesses laugh or make light of the topic of online email campaigns and newsletters for their customers. Through the past years it seems like emails have become part of the stone age compared to social media channels like Twitter, YouTube, and others. But there is still great relevance and importance in the email.

With the revolution of the smartphone, emails became more easily accessible. Users don't have to wait to go home, boot up the computer, get an internet dial tone, before they can read their emails. It is much easier and quicker for users to check emails during the day on their phones.

For businesses, this is a huge advantage in the marketing strategy especially for your small business. Your website is a great reflection of what your company is about, but if customers aren't checking regularly, they aren't going to see it every day.

With email newsletters you have the ability to bring your information and news to your customers' inbox. That is like walking up to someone and shaking their hand. It keeps the connection alive and allows your business to show off your latest specials, give out your newest coupon, or announce your upcoming event.

Capturing email addresses on your website are important to continue that constant connection with your clients and customers. With daily, weekly, or monthly email campaigns you can keep your business in the back of the minds of your audience. Built To Optimize specializes in setting up campaigns and email newsletters for your business so you can save time and make more money by connecting with your customers. Contact us today and let's get started.

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