Getting started with a Facebook page can be fun for a small business owner, but knowing how to run a successful Facebook page isn't always clear. As a small business you have an advantage for social media marketing, especially through a Facebook page. Your Facebook page is an extension of your business and what makes your business unique to your community.

Being in North New Jersey, there are a wide variety of small businesses that make up our communities and using Facebook allows them to connect to their customers. Connecting to customers can help build your loyalty and gives your business a chance to show off your values to your community.

There are a few things that can help you succeed through your Facebook Page as a small business. Here at Built To Optimize we realize it is difficult to to take the adequate time to educate yourself on things that work and don't work for your Facebook Page, so below we have listed some of the most important points for a guide for small businesses and their Facebook Page:

  • Follow The Guidelines: Facebook states that business cannot be represented by a personal profile page, but must be registered as a Facebook Page. This guideline should be followed strictly, because there have been many business profiles shut down and banned from Facebook.
  • Use Your Profile Space: Your profile space is a free billboard for your business. Use it! Uploading your logo to your page is important to continue branding your small business to your customers and fans. Also using your cover photo is a great opportunity to show off your latest sale, show off your new equipment, or pose for a team photo.
  • Grow Your Audience: Have a customer email list? Use your Facebook Page to continue to grow your email list. Using your audience on Facebook allows you to further your reach into customers' inboxes.
  • Show Off Your Differences: Use your Facebook page to show off what valuable features your business can offer to your community. As a small business, it gives you the chance to set yourself apart from others. Show off your business gatherings, give your fans special coupons, host contests, take pictures of your company birthdays, and so much more.
  • Create Events: Having a special sale at your shop? Hosting a special anniversary party? Create an event on your Facebook Page and have a special coupon or discount attached to it. Invite your fans to join and post event updates and pictures from the event.

There are several ways to make your small business stand out on your Facebook page. Small businesses are one of the most important types of businesses in our communities because they are run by those that live in it. In North New Jersey, small businesses make up a majority of our community. Showing off those things that makes your business special is what your Facebook Page is all about. Built To Optimize is here to help you get in front of the right people and show your Small Business off to New Jersey customers, contact us today.