Twitter can be a scary place and seem like a very complex social media channel especially for small businesses. I have found through my experiences Twitter is one of the social networks that many businesses gauge their value based on numbers, like amount of followers, retweets, mentions, etc.  While it is good to measure your social reach through those numbers, I believe that small businesses benefit most from the quality of their engagement. 

The New Jersey area has many different types of communities and a wide-variety of people that live in the area. With millions of Twitter users throughout the world, there are always fans and people that are willing to follow your business if you provide them with information that is of interest to them.

As a small business sometimes we try to think of marketing as something that requires us to "sell, sell, sell" with every message we send. Social media and Twitter allows you to break down those barriers and create a real relationship with your customers which builds loyalty. Loyalty for a small business can lead to happier customers and customers that are more likely to be referring friends and family to your services and goods.

  • Start Small, Stay Small: Joining Twitter can seem like a big undertaking for a small business but it doesn't have to be. By simply joining Twitter you have take the biggest step to increasing your online loyalty. Begin by following local communities, businesses, newspapers, and other organizations to establish a good idea of what type of community is around you.
  • Start Tweeting: Once you have started to follow local organizations, you should start to see a following of people in your area and others from around the web. Now you have their ears so start spreading what's important. Not only should you be sending out tweets that are important to you, but they should be important to your fans. Think of them and what kind of information that are looking to see.
  • #Hashtag: Getting accustomed to using hashtags through Twitter is important. It can allow you to track what trends and relevant topics your small business can relate to. Some good places to start are local hashtags and hashtags that define what your business does. Hashtags can seem irrelevant but if you have a few followers gained through them, they be more prone to share your information with more followers.
  • Show It Off: Have an event going on? Buy new equipment? Hire a new employee? Take pictures of things happening at your small business. Twitter and social media users are used to seeing things and interacting with visual media. With the age of smartphones, it can be easy to snap a quick photo and share it directly to your Twitter account. It can allow your followers an "inside" look at your business.
  • Customize It: If you are looking to get a bit advanced with your Twitter use, you can create a campaign for a sale or event around a hashtag your want to use. This works really well with brick and mortar companies that have steady traffic coming in and out. You have the ability to personally invite them to follow you on Twitter. You can have a unique hashtag that they can use for a chance to get a coupon or win a prize.
small business hashtag.JPG

Beginning your social media campaigns and adventure through Twitter is a great idea for small businesses throughout New Jersey that are looking to have their customers keep up with their fast paced days. It is a great opportunity to connect with your customers and invite them to share photos from your brand online and you can engage with them to build the loyalty up. The more loyalty, the more likely your customers will keep coming back. Contact us today with questions and further information about optimizing your Twitter campaigns for your business.

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