Social Media Marketing can be challenging and time-consuming when you have other tasks and responsibilities to attend to during the day. While social media marketing is a large part of your overall online marketing, it can occasionally get lost in the shuffle. Below are a few things that I think are very important that you do at least every day on your social media channels.

4 Daily To-Do Items for Social Media

  • Check Them: Not checking your social media channel can kick you out of the loop very quickly. Even if you don't have time to check out competitors, partner brands, or every little comment or share from your channel, it is important to just check on them. Make sure your scheduled posts were posted or are ready to be posted. Also check to make sure everything looks good and not out of sorts.
  • Post or Schedule A Post: You should be active on social media for your brand. I honestly can say I have lacked this step and occasionally forget to schedule things. But depending on your frequency of audience interaction you may want to post every day or every week. No matter what the scenario is, make sure you fulfill it. Scheduling your posts ahead can save you some time too.
  • Interact: Maybe a fan or customer posted a question, comment or pictures since the last time you checked your account. Be sure to check on those. You may want to post a response to a question or share the cool photo they posted. Also it is good to check for any spam posts or links that may have shown up. Perhaps you have a frustrated customer, checking on their issue and responding will show the rest of your audience that you care and value their input.
  • Have Fun: Social media is about having fun and showing your audience that you have fun and enjoy what your business does. Your social channels are a perfect place to do so. Perhaps you had a birthday party in the office or completed a new job for a client. Show off what is going on socially with your company and your audience will be more in tune with your company's personality.

Social media can be time-consuming but if you stick to a daily routine with important tasks every day you should still stay connected to your audience and it will help you establish a better following in the long run.