So after months of setting up the business pages for my businesses' through Google+ and gaining an audience of fans through those pages, I finally optimized my own profile to begin organizing my Google+ crowd...of 5 people.

When I first started my profile on Google+ it was simply for the fact that I had to have one to start the different business pages. I "knew" only about 5 people on Google+, and 4 of them were people that I worked with in my office. So I wasn't really overwhelmed with the audience that I had accumulated while I wasn't really "active" on the site.

More recently with the integration of YouTube and Google+, I began to really pay attention to the moves and changes that Google was making with their "forced" social network. Once I synced everything up and organized my seemingly extensive circles, I found the power of Google+ was overwhelmingly easy to use.

As a networking channel I found it very simple to sync the blogs that I contribute too and from there the rest was history. Whenever I posted new content, I was able to easily and quickly publish to my several Google+ pages. From there I was able to find the communities very useful to meeting new people that had similar interests.

The best part about Google+ that I found so far that by just contributing some information to the network, there are many people that are willing to be interactive and contribute their own views.

Google+ is definitely a refreshing social network that really ties in your content on the web to it actually being "social" with engagement. So far I'm happy with Google+ and the power it has to connect to similar thinking people.