Online marketing can be so overwhelming, from social media management, to SEO creation, and with search engine marketing optimization. I have found it has been particularly difficult to do all these things and more for 2 companies full time, while more recently adding my own company to the mix.

All of the different accounts, connections, best practices, and more can get complexed. Being an organized person myself, I always try to make sure to keep my thoughts, emails, notes, links, and profiles in line so that I don't have anxiety when I'm going to grab them before my next meeting or consultation. 

Up until about 3 weeks ago, I always tried rush through reading online marketing articles and blogs for about 30 minutes ago at work. I was trying to get the most information in as possible during my lack of time. I usually quickly scanned through the headlines and picked the next few articles based on their headlines.

After I created Built To Optimize, I realized that I needed to expand my knowledge even further through the various online resources but I didn't have the time. That's when I found and fell in love with Pocket.

For those of you that don't know, Pocket is a great tool to keep up with your online file system, as I like to call it. Pocket allows you to save and organize interesting and important content that you find online throughout the day.

With Pocket you can easily save and tag links, articles, images, videos, and more that you can come back to later to view and read. I had previously tried similar services like Evernote before, but I found that it was too complexed for what I was looking for. 

I just wanted to simply have a place I could return to at a later time to review and read important articles. This way I knew I would be able to give the necessary time to absorb and get everything out of the articles I was finding online.

Pocket is a perfect solution for my online marketing conflicts. With so many different tasks going on throughout the day I wasn't able to take the right time to continue to expand my knowledge and reach in the online marketing world. With Pocket I can do just that.

I find time when I'm in the doctors office, sitting at lunch, laying in bed, or wherever to just pick up my phone and start reading my saved articles through the Pocket app. I also find it is a great way to save inspirational sites or topics that I can later revisit and really make the connection with. The online marketing world can be very time consuming and with our seemingly shorter days taking over out busy lives, Pocket is a great solution for any internet "browser" to get the most out of it, with the least amount of time.