As a full time social media manager for a few different companies, the online social world can take it's toll on me once and a while. Scheduling posts, answering seemingly repetitive questions, creating constant clever graphics, and other daily tasks, seem to take the fun out of social media at times. Getting back on track with new ideas and trying new tactics can get you back in the game for your business pages.

But, what about your own personal social media use? Experiencing Social Media Burn Out can be tough.

I have found that in the last couple years since becoming a social media manager I view all of my social media accounts as a business account and not a personal account. With the exception of LinkedIn, most social media networks are not initially created for the "business account" in mind. I have to constantly remind myself of that.

But how to do you draw that line? I have a few words of advice that I have found helpful to separate work from play when it comes to using social media after hours. When I first started managing a few business accounts for various social media networks, it was difficult to not have the urge to check them when I got home from work and I was browsing Facebook or Twitter.

I always thought to myself, "Hmm, I wonder how many "likes" that one post got."

It got to a point when I realized I had to allow myself to "shut down" from social media working mode so I can begin to enjoy social media again for what it was made for, being social. So I allowed my interests and hobbies to take over and lead the way. I started with using Instagram on a more regular basis with my own love for photography.

I realized that I was attracted to visual features of social media networks, pictures, maps, videos, etc. So I used that realization to enjoy my time on social networks that would feed into my attraction. I really capitalized on using Instagram and Pinterest to really connect with others that shared my photography love and hobbies.

I must admit I first began to worry about how many followers or re-pins I was receiving. Again I had to turn that social media marketing switch off and began to just enjoy the connections and engagement that was being admitted. As I began to see the fun in having great connections through Instagram and Pinterest, I realized this was missing from the posts I was creating for the businesses I was working with.

I needed to start to channel that "fun" I was experiencing, into the business posts and engage my audiences keeping in mind that they wanted to experience that same "fun" when they checked their social channels. They weren't going on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter thinking about how their business pages were doing, they were there for the social aspect, including engaging with our brand.

I believe that at one point in all social media managers' lives they have this moment at work when they convert social media channels into marketing strategies networks instead of remembering what it is used for. I'm still learning and growing in the social media managing field, so everyday is a new lesson on how to approach marketing through social media.

One piece of advice that I often used when speaking to businesses about using social media is this; Social media isn't about selling yourself, it's about creating relationships with clients and customers and retaining them by standing out from the crowd. Your audience is most likely already interested in your brand, so don't shove it down their throat with "salesy" posts. Instead focus on giving them quality content that is of use to them.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Have you experienced social media burn out? How did you handle it? Any advice?