Most marketers today will tell you that a few things that contribute to you online marketing are important central strategies to building up your online reputation. Most marketing companies will try to explain the importance of social media marketing, search engine marketing, and optimization to small businesses and how they can benefit. But some of these marketing companies don't tell you what to expect and how much patience is involved.

While it is important to integrate all of the right strategies into your marketing plan, it is also important to put a lot of emphasis on PATIENCE. When it comes to businesses wanting to learn more about search engine optimization or SEO, they want immediate results. In today's society we are spoil with instant gratification with digital downloads, overnight shipping, and bills paid online. While it would make everyone's lives easier if SEO was a turn-key operation, it just doesn't work that way.

---- What the heck is SEO? ----

With SEO it isn't easy as 1,2,3.

A key part of SEO building and marketing is patience but before the patience, comes a series of steps to set yourself up for success. SEO is a strategy that requires a lot of research, analyzing, and creating. Every business is different, just as their industry, and the customer base they are targeting. So there takes a lot of prep work into creating the best SEO solutions for each local business. Once the prep work is completed, more patience is needed.

Steps of SEO Implementation


When you are getting an SEO solution ready for your business, researching your customer base, targeting audience, local competitors, and search engine rankings in your industry all go into making the best solution. From there that information is analyzed.


From your competitors to what your customers are looking for, the analysis of all of the research performed is important. Figuring out what works and what doesn't work helps us create the best plan moving forward and how to implement it.


Now that the backend research and analysis is complete, it is time to start creating content and changing things on your website that will target your audience in the right way and create the right information that your customers are clients are looking for on your website or in the industry.

The next important step of SEO implementation is patience. This could be for a few months or even close to a year for smaller businesses. The way that search engines work is when there is new content created on a website, the search engine robots continue to come back to the site to see any changes. If there continues to be changes they keep coming back. Once you have implemented the SEO content and changes, it's in the hands of the search engine robots.

Creating the right type of SEO content on a website that these robots wants to see is important for a number of reasons. You want to make sure you are targeting the right audience, but you are also creating quality information for your website. Search engines, like Google and Yahoo are smart and can now tell when agencies or businesses are creating "spam-like" information on websites. These "black hat" tactics are bad for your website and can put your business in a bad position with online credibility with search engines which can take YEARS to recover from.

At Built To Optimize, we only operate with "white hat" tactics which are the right ways of building up SEO, without the spam and possibility of hurting our clients' online reputation and website. If we don't do the right job for our clients to see results, it only hurts us in the long run too. But we also stress the importance of patience with SEO solutions and strategies. SEO is not a sprint to ranking higher in search engines, but rather a marathon to continue to improve on your rankings. It could take months or sometimes even close to a year to see results from SEO implementation.

Case-Study for SEO Patience

With a recent client's SEO strategy which including more interactive and local business content creation on their website, we did not see direct results of the increase in traffic and search engine rankings until about 8-10 months after the beginning of the implementation. When we did begin to see those increases in numbers the traffic was beginning to grow at an increasing rate of 10% in 30 days alone. Those numbers can be a huge difference for your business, your customer base, and online marketing reach.

Traffic increased by 10% in 30 days, 8 months after implementation.

The Team at Built To Optimize would be happy to work with you and your team to help generate the best strategy and SEO plan moving forward for your business. With free consultations and evaluations, you have NOTHING to lose. Give us a few minutes of your time and it can be worth it. 

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