So here you are evaluating your social media reach for your small business and you are wondering how and why you don't have hundreds or thousands of followers on your channels. You think your posts are awesome. You share photos and videos all the time. You post your sales and specials as soon as they're live. What's the problem.

YOU Are the problem

No, seriously, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. All you do is talk about yourself and what you do and how your business is doing. What about your customers? Don't you think they may want to hear about themselves once and a while? It's human nature to be interested in ourselves and share that with the world around us. That's the main reasoning behind the birth of the #selfie.

Take a step back. Look at other businesses or brands you connect with on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Why do you like them? What makes you constantly interact with likes, retweets, or comments? What is it about their brand that attracts you to them?

Is it because they post helpful tips? Or do the crazy action packed videos keep you glued to your screen? Maybe they host some really kick-ass contests with cool prizes? Or maybe it's the current news and information they are posting?

Whatever "it" is you have to find it within your own business. Find the driving factor behind what makes you unique and stand out from your competition. Then take that driving factor and implement it into something your customers will be interested in and will keep them coming back for more.

Stop Being A Salesman

Ok great, you have a new collection of products coming out or you have a new coupon that hit the world wide web yesterday. That's great! Letting your fans and customers know about those exciting announcements are important but shouldn't be the central focus of your social media marketing.

Your business is driven by sales, I get it. But that doesn't mean you have to look so desperate for a sale that you are constantly posting about buying new products or hiring you for your services. Instead give followers something worthwhile keep them coming back for more.

My rule of thumb is that 90% of your social media posts should be about something OTHER than your business and the other 10% should be about you. Otherwise your followers lose interest.
— Virginia, Owner of Built To Optimize

So What Are Some Things You Should Post

When it comes to social media marketing for small businesses and brands, I like to keep it really simple. The more simple things you can post the easier and less time you will have to spend on creating ideas. Some example of what are good items to post on social media are:

  • Employee's birthday celebration
  • Giving a helping hand in your community
  • Pictures your customers send you
  • 5 top tips for using products in your industry
  • Lifestyle improvements related to your industry

If you are looking for more inspiration and ideas to spark your social media marketing for your small business, be sure to reach out to the team at Built To Optimize. We would be happy to help you get some ideas launched!

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