So before you say "No, losing subscribers is bad and you're drunk go home", hear me out. By no means am I saying TRY TO LOSE subscribers, but instead to look at the larger picture when you are losing email subscribers and try to determine the reasons behind them and what you can take out of that.

While I think that a company should raise a red flag if they are consistently losing subscribers in large quantities after each email campaign. That should send signals that you could be losing followers for a major flaw, wrong messaging, too many emails, or spam-like subject lines. But besides having a tidal wave of unsubscribes, a few here and there is all part of a days work in the email marketing world.

A good rule of thumb is that any unsubscribes that equal or are less than 1.5% of your overall subscribers is a good measuring point.

So to explore the different ways to look at your email lists and the subscribers are then, I have a few examples of staying positive when you numbers go negative. Below are 4 reasons losing subscribers is a good thing for you and your brand:

Your Contacts Are Still Interested (or Disinterested)

When you are losing a few followers with every newsletter you send out, you have to look at a few things before flying off the handle and criticizing your campaign message. If you are losing a small handful of contacts, you can look at your overall strategy and say that perhaps those people were not the ideal audience for your products or services and therefore were no longer interested. And that's OK. You can't please everyone and the contacts that you still have on your list are obviously still interested. So this keep your list relevant to your business strategy.


Interest Level of Email Subscribers for Brands' Messages for Shopping

Report via Blue Kangaroo

Keep Your List Healthy

When you are losing a few subscribers from every campaign, that is acceptable especially if your new subscribers are outnumbering them on a regular basis. This can keep your list active and living. When you are gaining subscribers from your website, events, or other sign up sources it is good for your growth as a company. Just like anything else, people will come and go, it applies to your email marketing list. You should absolutely start to worrying if your unsubscribers are outnumbering your new contacts. That is a time to look at your overall strategy and find ways to improve.


Minutes Spent Browsing Marketing Emails in One Week

Report via Blue Kangaroo

Lists Cleanups Are Valuable

If you are using a service like MailChimp you have the option to really see the behavior of your contacts on a larger picture and make some adjustments to your campaign strategy. Based on the behaviors you can track from your contacts you can (and should) have quarterly cleanups for your lists. Again if you are gaining more subscribers than you are losing them, this is a good strategy. So if you don't want to continue to send emails to people who aren't opening them, you can clean them up. Or you can only send to people in a certain country.

Pay Less For Your Services

This can be applied to your list cleanups and also the users that manually unsubscribe. With email marketing services like MailChimp, businesses are usually paying for the services based on the number of contacts you have throughout your account. So if you are losing email subscribers through campaigns who are no longer relevant, that can help you save money.

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