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Small Business Focus: Take the "ME" Out of Social Media

Small Business Focus: Take the "ME" Out of Social Media

No, seriously, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. All you do is talk about yourself and what you do and how your business is doing. What about your customers? Don't you think they may want to hear about themselves once and a while? It's human nature to be interested in ourselves and share that with the world around us. That's the main reasoning behind the birth of the #selfie.

Worried About Online Exposure? Embrace It!

Whether personally or from a business perspective we all have thought about "Oh, I don't want to be online! It can hurt my reputation!" Especially for small businesses, one small mistaken review of your business can hurt in a big way. The way new review sites are popping up seemingly everywhere, small business owners usually panic with the power their consumers are given for voicing their opinion about their business.

Newsletters: Sound Geeky, But Worth It

Some businesses laugh or make light of the topic of online email campaigns and newsletters for their customers. Through the past years it seems like emails have become part of the stone age compared to social media channels like Twitter, YouTube, and others. But there is still great relevance and importance in the email.