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Worried About Online Exposure? Embrace It!

Whether personally or from a business perspective we all have thought about "Oh, I don't want to be online! It can hurt my reputation!" Especially for small businesses, one small mistaken review of your business can hurt in a big way. The way new review sites are popping up seemingly everywhere, small business owners usually panic with the power their consumers are given for voicing their opinion about their business.

Small Business Guide: Facebook

Getting started with a Facebook page can be fun for a small business owner, but knowing how to run a successful Facebook page isn't always clear. As a small business you have an advantage for social media marketing, especially through a Facebook page. Your Facebook page is an extension of your business and what makes your business unique to your community.

Facebook Is Changing... Now What?

It is no secret that Facebook is now pushing more sponsored posts and advertising on their most popular social network site. Unfortunately it was only a matter of time that the in your face "pay us to reach fans" notion was going to be the main business model for the social giant.