Getting in front of your audience when they are away from your business is important to continue to have a connection with your customers.  Built To Optimize is focused on providing social media help with small business in the North New Jersey area. We can help break down all of the elements needed to create a strong social media presence for all types of small businesses in the area. From industrial, to restaurants, to service providers, we can help set the goals and necessary requirements to reach the right audience at the right time for the right type of business.

Social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and more shouldn't be troubling for a business. Instead it should be fun for both the business and the customer. Social media channels allow small businesses to get their brand out there to current customers, while also reaching new ones. Some of the services that Built To Optimize provides, can help problem solve the best way to connect your customers to your business on a daily basis. 

Types of Social Media Channels Vary

As a local business, Facebook is a great way to get in touch with you customers on a regular basis. Being the most active social media channel, Facebook allows small businesses to set their goals through coupons, contests, & reviews, as well as showing off their assets through photos, business news, videos, and more. 

Twitter is a great place for fast paced businesses that have a lot going on on a regular basis. This is great for services that may be dealing with a lot of different types of jobs every day. Twitter is a mini-blog and a great place for small businesses to connect with other businesses. 

YouTube and Instagram are great place to allow businesses to show the visual sides of what they do. So if you are a baker, photographer, traveler, or another type of business with a lot of things to see, these are great options. You can connect with your customers on a visual level and really grab their attention with photos and videos.

Google+ is a great place for small businesses to connect with the local community. With many great features and local connections, Google+ is a great place for any local business to connect to AND you are able to get a one-up in Google search results.

Built To Optimize can help your small business choose the right social media channels that will work with the goals you set and type of customers you connect with. With our personal one-on-one consultations and unique marketing strategies, we will ensure that you don't spend time in places you don't need to be. Remember social media is about being "SOCIAL" with you audience, so we help you choose the right avenue to let the fun begin.

Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities and goals you have in mind to move your company into the social aspect of reaching your audience. By spending time to connect with customers and clients on social media, you are opening the door to allow more loyal customers that have a strong tie with you, to make the relationship even stronger.

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