Better Your Local.

What's Local Business Marketing?


Local Business Marketing is a great way to make sure your surrounding communities can find your New Jersey small business. Your best potential customers are your own neighbors. Making sure your business is listed on the right sites and has the right information can be a step above your competitors down the road.


What Built To Optimize Can Do For You.


Review & Correct Current Local Listings, on Sites like Google+, YP, Yelp, & more. A one-time fee for account corrections and improvements.


Local Listing Managements through Services like Google+, YP, Yelp. A monthly service option with marketing campaign integration.


Align Marketing Techniques & Goals with Local Listings & Gaining More Exposure. Using other marketing campaigns, integrate local listings.


Most small businesses already have local listings on various sites around the web, but they don't realize the potential power behind them. Built To Optimize can help you take hold of them and utilize the power of them to grab customers' attention and their business.

Local Business Marketing is the next big step in online marketing for small businesses. Your website is important for current customers, local business marketing is important to gain customers.
— Virginia Buechel, Owner of Built To Optimize