Better Your Website.

Why Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" strategizes the best solution for your website to be ranked in search engines. Being on the first page of search results is vital to your online presence and key to driving traffic. Considering 90% of online searches are related to goods or services purchases, it is important to be seen higher so your clients can find you.


What Built To Optimize Can Do For You.


Creation of SEO Plans & Strategies for Search Engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo. With Built To Optimize we can align your long term marketing goals with our strategies for the best results.



Integration of SEO tactics in Current Website with simple solutions. With a hands-on approach, we can personally structure and manage your SEO plan. This is a monthly service option.


Full Consultation & Training Sessions to help In-House SEO Work. With your staff, we will train them for the best solutions and strategies moving forward. A basic knowledge of SEO is required.


Built To Optimize has tools to help you show up higher in search results by improving your SEO and using techniques that are proven to work. Search Engine Optimization strategies are the best way to help set your company's online presence to succeed into the future with long-term marketing results.

Where is the best place to hide a body? The second page of Google Search Results because no one looks there! Let us help you show up on the first page.
— Virginia Buechel, Owner of Built To Optimize