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Proof That Patience Is Key To SEO

Proof That Patience Is Key To SEO

Most marketers today will tell you that a few things that contribute to you online marketing are important central strategies to building up your online reputation. Most marketing companies will try to explain the importance of social media marketing, search engine marketing, and optimization to small businesses and how they can benefit.

Are Your Static? When Was the Last Time You Update Your Website

We always mention to clients that your website should be a reflection of the evolving changes of your business. Show your customers and audience that you are constantly trying new things and developing as a stronger business. Your website is a perfect opportunity to reflect those changes of your small business.

Importance of Meta Descriptions: Do You Have Awesome Ones?

If you are new to the topic of SEO it can be quite overwhelming to start thinking about all the possible changes to your website's SEO and page structure. With that, I wanted to take time to explain a very important singular part of SEO that I feel sometimes can get overlooked: Meta Descriptions.